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  • ● Unique module for all machines.
  • ● Intelligent: autonomously manages the information of the slot machine and interacts with the user.
  • ● SAS interface to the slot machine.
  • ● Proprietary UDP / IP / Ethernet interface for system integration.
  • ● User interface.
  • ● Save up to 30 days of information autonomously.
  • ● Power supply by data cable, PoE technology (Power Over Ethernet).


  • ● Adaptation of slot machine to full operation with tickets.
  • ● Compatible with SAS version machines from 2.83 and up.
  • ● Uses acceptors of standard market bills.
  • ● Adapts serial printer FutureLogic type for issuing the ticket.
  • ● LTS module, hardware, firmware and software necessary for its use.
  • ● Elements needed for installation.
  • ● Installation in slot machines.
  • ● User manuals.
  • ● Procedures for operator and basic problem solving.
  • ● Technical specifications.
  • ● Staff training.


  • ● Advanced Multimedia functionality, with video control and mixing and control of the touch screen of the machine.
  • ● Ability to mix several images, promotions, messages, games and animations simultaneously on the game screen.
  • ● Video streaming, allowing the user to see available programs.
  • ● Audio output by speakers and / or headphones with intercom.
  • ● Supports local LCD type 6.2 ", for machines without touch screen available.
  • ● Supports up to 2 cameras per machine, allowing real-time capture.
  • ● SAS interface with On-Line, TITO, Cash-less, etc.
  • ● Prepared to connect and support G2S protocol, and other machine IP protocols.
  • ● Remote power Energy for the same "PoE" data cable.
  • ● Flexible and generic computational platform based on Linux.
  • ● Unlimited capacity for expanding applications and functions, which can be supported and made available to the user.
  • ● Generic software platform (SDK) allowing the same client to develop their accessory applications.
  • ● The identification of the user can be by magnetic card, SmartCard or RFID, iButton, by key or facial using their own cameras and server assistance.
  • ● RGB card holder with visual effects.

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